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By and for gamers: That is our best definition. We do not try to tell the news of video games, for this you can go to the hundreds of websites that are dedicated to it.

We are gamers, esports lovers, followers of the video game industry, but above all we are journalists. That is why we have created this platform, we will tell you all the information you need to know from the perspective of a gamer.

Hablamosdegamers.com is the leading website in the Spanish-speaking market and community, always looking for news and information about the global videogame industry.

The site has a significant and qualified global audience, with contents that cover every part of the industry, from design, development, publication, marketing, distribution or retail sale and that reaches the media, freelancers and students.

The main content is a database, verified content with valuable information for the user that is also updated every day.

In addition, the site offers daily newsletters for a mass and growing industry audience, and regularly presents key figures that offer their opinions on the topics of the day, often feedbacking our stories and features.

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